When someone takes the time to fill out an online contact form requesting a quote or contact from your side and they get a late response, or even worse, none at all, you’ve lost more than goodwill, you’ve lost a contact that could have been converted into a sale.

They won’t bother to contact you next time they need the product or services you offer, they’ll go straight to the competition that responded promptly to their enquiry.

The ripple effect of this is that your tardy reputation is relayed to others, which spreads further than can be imagined. Where you would have had customers recommending you for service excellence, you’ll have the complete opposite of it, a bad reputation that sticks.

Can you afford to lose leads this way? If you can, you’re one of the lucky ones who aren’t feeling the strain of an economy desperately trying to remain on its feet and failing miserably.

If you can’t, well, there’s a quick and easy way to keep track of those leads that go missing in that black hole, waiting to suck them in.

The answer

The answer to increasing your turnover and never letting a lead slip past any inbox is easy to use timetoreply.

This very nifty tool offers you an online portal to everything you need to know about emails to and from your sales team.

Emails in, emails out

It’ll tell you how many emails your sales department receives, whether it’s a group box or the mailboxes for individual members of the team.

You’ll also be able to track emails forwarded to the team from the main inbox, such as your enquiries@company.com, or, info@company.com. This is often where leads get lost, so knowing what’s happening with the main mailbox like this is going to do sales a lot of good.

Response times & leaderboards

On your timetoreply dashboard you’ll find all you need to know about how quickly or slowly emails are being responded to by your sales team, and, based on this, it’s a really good idea to get leaderboards up to encourage members of the team to compete for the fastest email response times.

Increase contact rates

You’ll be able to increase contact rates by using the metrics and analytics on your dashboard to tailor your approach to customers, communicating with them in a way that hooks their attention and gets an all-important conversation going, which is where hot leads are born.

Sales representatives leads vs timetoreply

If you have salesmen out on the road, making contact with potential customers and bringing leads in day by day, the majority of those leads will be cold by the time your staff gets around to making contact.

On the other hand, responding to emails quickly means that you’ll be catching the customer while they’re still ready to part with their cash.

Miss this boat and a potential sale is gone, and the lead is worthless. Besides which, Time to Reply doesn’t cost you half as much as fuel does when you send salesmen into the field.

Free trial, no strings attached

Before you go anywhere else on the timetoreply website, check out the recommendations from top companies who are cashing in on everything that using timetoreply offers.

If there’s one thing that’ll convince you of the power offered by this online tool that you can control from anywhere in the world, 24/7, it’ll be the free 15 day trial awaiting you.

You won’t need a credit card to start, a refreshing change from the rest, and you won’t be locked into contracts never to be broken.

Are you ready?

If you are, request a demo or start a free 15-day trial, timetoreply will respond at lightning speed, giving you a taste of how good your own customers will feel when you respond just as quickly!


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