Let’s start with the premise that emails are still the top form of business communication and that this is where the focus of any business should be if leads are to turn into sales, and then get to the nitty gritty of the difference between email responses to leads that would take days to respond to not too far in the past, to our era in which instant gratification is par for the course.

Keep your customer waiting too long for a response and you have already lost the race to a potential sale, or the start of what could become a long-term, highly beneficial relationship for you and your customer, with a guarantee that any competitor that has a faster response time is going to develop exactly what your company lost out on!

The research has been done by some of the top international business publications and universities, proving that there is a definite correlation between email response times and the ability of your sales team to raise the rate at which deals are closed, and healthy new relationships formed on the back of excellent customer service.

No matter how much advertising any business does, there is still no form of marketing that can beat the exceptional value brought by word of mouth advertising; if your customers feel important enough to rate a fast response to their online queries or requests for quotes, not only will they be back for more, they will also tell anyone who will listen about how phenomenal your service is.

Timetoreply has made it incredibly easy to take complete control of what happens to every single email that comes into your business and to measure exactly how long it takes for your staff to respond to these emails.

An important point to take note of here is that the quality of the response is as valuable as a quick response is, the tone of the emails your staff sends out sets the stage for the beginning of a successful relationship that will keep customers engaged right from their first contact with your company.

Without any idea about what happens to leads and email enquiries that come into your mailboxes, group or individual, you are working in a vacuum that does not have a tangible foundation that keeps your staff tapped into leads and able to respond within minutes.  The average shelf-life of a live lead is anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes, miss that bus and you have missed the opportunity to let a customer know that they are a priority to your company.

The team at timetoreply have done all the hard work for you, the result of which is a highly effective online tool that is straightforward and easy to use, giving you valuable insights into analytics, graphs and reports that will assist you in customising your view of what is happening to emails coming in and going out of your business.

Signing in online to your timetoreply dashboard will give you real-time information about how quickly your team, and individuals in the team are responding to email contacts. You will also be able to use these statistics to improve the quality of the email responses, implement changes that will increase contact rates and ultimately boost sales, which is the bottom line for any company in a struggling economy proliferated with tremendous competition!

Get your team excited about how quickly and effectively they respond to emails, and make it even more attractive by adding a reward to the stakes for the member of your sales team, or customer service team, who is quickest off the mark to respond to emails!

Contact the friendly team at timetoreply to find out how easy it is to get started on moving email response times into warp speed – in fact, why not try the 21 day free trial on offer, you can only stand to gain!  One last word; your security and data protection is of paramount importance to timetoreply, and no one other than you and your team will be reading the content of incoming emails, the only question now is; ‘what are you waiting for!’.

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