The possibility of increasing sales and enjoying what these sales can do in raising your profits is within easy reach today, provided that you have the right tools.

In an era when most prefer email correspondence to a phone call, there can be nothing more important than how quickly any email enquiry is responded to.

Your product or service may be far superior to those of competitors in the same market, but if your agents are slow in responding to emails, it stands to reason that the sales will go to the opposition.

Here are a few good reasons to pay close attention to email response times in your business:

  • Capitalise on sales leads

Leads that come in from sales representatives out in the field generally grow cold by the time these leads are acted on.  The difference with emails generated online is that the lead is still hot and fresh when it comes in.

These live leads also mean that if the customer is responded to quickly, it will be while they’re still in a buying frame of mind, which is the best time to convert these leads into sales.

More leads are lost in the mail than you might imagine. This makes it essential that you know exactly what’s happening with emails received, whether it’s to individual mailboxes or group mailboxes.

All you need to do is to use the kind of software developed by timetoreply™, and you’ll have a complete overview of email traffic in and out of your business.

Here are just a few reasons for paying closer attention to email response times in your business:

  • Increase contact rates

Once you have all the statistics, analytics and metrics at your fingertips online with software like timetoreply™, you’ll be able to shape your company into an improvement of contact rates.

Knowing where and how to change your approach will also improve the extent to which real conversations can turn into sales, by the mere fact that your sales agents respond quickly to the initial email received.

Tailoring your approach based on the metrics and analytics that timetoreply™ offers will also have a positive impact on how engaged customers will be once they’ve contacted your company.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Nothing speaks louder about the level of professionalism of your company than a quick response time to an online email enquiry.  A quick response time shows the customer that you value the time and effort they’ve put into contacting your company.

One satisfied customer could easily become more than just one or two new customers, based solely on the fact that service excellence is at the top of your agenda.

4 Simple steps to success using timetoreply™

  1. Measure reply times precisely

You’ll know exactly how many emails are received, how quickly they’re responded to and the quality of the responses sent out. You’ll also have absolute clarity of how well individual members in your sales team are doing in terms of email response times.

  1. Track real-time reports on the go

No matter what time of the day it is, or where you are in the world, if you have an internet connection you’ll have reports that reflect, among other things, reply times, the volume of emails received and responded to, as well as the completion rate on each.

  1. Inspire competition between sales agents

Using timetoreply™ to track response times of individual agents enables you to create agent leader boards. A leader board will encourage healthy competition among the agents to see who’ll be first off the bat in terms of response times.

  1. Qualify more leads from first contact

As mentioned above, the quicker your sales team is on the draw, the more leads they’ll be able to qualify. It’s a simple recipe for success to treat emails as the bread and butter of your company, with everything else becoming the cherry on top.

Ready to get on board?

The team behind the success of timetoreply™ could not have made it any easier to try this awesome software than they already have.

There’s no need to give credit card details when you register your account online, and there are no complicated hoops to jump through to get a taste of what it means to use timetoreply™ to boost sales.

In fact, this must be one of the few times you’ll actually get to test drive something before committing. Start with a 15 day trial and take it from there on an easy cruise to success, making sure you don’t miss out on any leads again.

There’s no need for timetoreply™ to hard-sell this product, the trial alone will speak volumes for this online tool that acts as a gateway to improving conversion rates.

Contact the team at timetoreply™ with any questions you may still need answered and they’ll give you the type of response that your potential customers will enjoy once you’ve jacked up email response times.

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