The timetoreply team have done considerable research into the impact of responses to email and online lead generation and just how much of a difference it makes to the success of your sales growth when you respond quickly to these leads.  The result of the research done by this team, as well as their experience in online marketing, is an innovative tool that shows you exactly how fast the members of your sales team respond to online enquiries, as well as what the quality of their responses are.

Almost 80% of consumers use the internet in order to do their product research and enquiries from the comfort of their home or office, which means that if you are too slow to respond to these email enquiries that come in you are definitely going to lose the opportunity of turning the enquiry into a sale, which is exactly where timetoreply comes in to hand you a tool that will assist with streamlining email response times in your business.

Considering that inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing, if your sales team is not turning these leads into sales then you need a tool like timetoreply to keep your finger on the pulse of responses to these inexpensive leads and drive them into high gear.

Timetoreply puts the real-time statistical data in your hands so that you are empowered to monitor the performance of your sales team and their ability to transform these email enquiries into something of tangible value for your business. Timetoreply provides you with an opportunity to convert enquiries into sales like never before, while at the same time gaining a reputation for customer service, which is an essential ingredient for success.

Try this cutting edge, innovative tool developed by timetoreply, whether you take them up on their offer of a free trial, demo or go straight to your package deal, it will definitely be one of those decisions you never look back on with regret!

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