Many businesses don’t track their email response times, simply because they believe it isn’t necessary. But did you know that tracking the amount of time it takes to respond to your customer’s enquiry via email is one of the most vital customer support metrics there is?

Have you ever sent an email and had to wait for hours or even days before getting a response? Frustrating isn’t it! Also, it takes away from the company’s credibility. Sometimes you are really interested in a product or service but the company just never comes back to you. This is a sure way for them to lose future sales.

Another scenario is when one of their existing customers have a problem. Once a customer sends an email, they expect a quick response. The company might not intentionally ignore the email but due to an unorganised or cluttered inbox, it might fall through the cracks.

What solution is there to this problem? If you want to keep your existing customers and turn sales leads into sales, you should consider email management software.

Timetoreply offers email management software that will track your response time for individual email accounts, group email accounts as well as your website’s web forms. By measuring your response time, you can work on improving it to achieve maximum results.

It also offers an intensive report system so you can identify exactly which employee needs to work on response time. You can also use the leaderboard to create competition and ultimately increase sales.

By knowing your email response time, you can work on improving it. Email management software will not only benefit your bottom line, it will help you to never miss out on important emails ever again.

Try it out by signing up for a 14-day trial today or monitor your first mailbox for just $5!

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