Responding to email enquiries quickly and professionally makes you a winner in many ways in this day and age of instant gratification, clients feel like they count and that their enquiry is valuable to you, all of which add up to creating a fantastic reputation for service excellence.  And we are not talking about leaving it at an auto-response email, this is about going the extra mile and responding with a personal email as quickly as possible once you have received their email.

Competition is hectic and every edge you can gain is valuable, especially when it comes to quick email response times and outstanding customer service, and it is this edge that timetoreply gives you with their innovative tool which allows you to monitor email traffic on many different levels.

Timetoreply gives you a hassle-free, easy to use tool which allows you to monitor the traffic of emails received and responded to by your sales team, suitable for any sized business, no matter how big or small your team is, timetoreply allows you to compare individual response times to emails, measure specific teams or your entire enterprise right from the timetoreply dashboard.

Investing in your own timetoreply package is really simple; you will not have to install any expensive software or change email services, timetoreply works with Outlook, Office 365, Ms Exchange Server, IMAP, Gmail, Mimecast, Mac Mail, Yahoo and most other email services.

The real-time timetoreply dashboard enables you to view exactly how many emails were received by individual members of your sales team, monitor how long it took for a response as well as look into the quality of the email response from your team. With these metrics alone you are empowered to adapt your approach and increase contact rates, boost sales and positively enhance levels of customer satisfaction.

Why not start a free trial today and let the guys from timetoreply introduce you to a tool you will not want to do without!

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