One of the major complaints that customers have when they enter any store looking for a specific product is that there is never anyone around to assist, they have to search for a staff member for help, often to no avail, and for many consumers, this is enough to send them scurrying off to a competitor that offers better customer service.

It was not too far back in the past that any shopping was done in actual physical premises, however, technology and the growth of the internet has completely changed the way that people shop and how they source products and services.

Everything is about speed now, and if your company is looking for a real edge on the competition, then it is the speed with which you respond to email enquiries that will determine whether your leads go nowhere, except to on-the-ball competitors, or whether you are able to boost sales by staying ahead of the pack simply by jacking up email responses.

Your sales team is the heart of your business, and getting them to commit to remaining completely plugged in to their mailboxes is essential, and with an innovative online tool like timetoreply, you can create a healthy sense of competition amongst your team members, and even hand out fun rewards to the member of staff who produces the fastest email response times each month!

Timetoreply gives you a birds-eye view of how quickly your sales staff are responding to incoming emails, how many emails they each receive and what the quality of the responses are, including a full range of statistics and analytics that can be filtered to suit your business, giving you a clear indication of how you can improve customer contact rates by adjusting your marketing strategies.

Timetoreply works with all email clients and the team takes the security of your data very seriously; your emails never leave your server and timetoreply does not take possession of them for even an instant, all that timetoreply does is to analyse the email headers in order to measure reply times in to provide you with the reports and statistics that enable you to make sure you never lose out on a potential sale or customer again!

Using the timetoreply online dashboard, which gives you real-time statistics, will show you exactly how quickly your sales agents reply to new emails and all other incoming emails, how many emails are received by your sales team and how many are sent out, and, very importantly too, how many of those emails sent out are responded to by the customer!

Not every email responded to may result in a sale, however, a quick email response is going to open the door to future opportunities with that specific customer, based on what they perceive as superb customer service – should they decide to purchase your product or engage your services in the future, they will not hesitate to contact your business, based on the very simple principle of having had a quick response to their original enquiry!

Change what happens to those leads that are lost by signing up with timetoreply, paying a monthly subscription fee that does not lock you into a contract for life – your subscription can be cancelled at any time – or you can try timetoreply for 21 days free, either way, it will be easy to see the exceptional value of this well designed online tool!

Timetoreply is simply an innovative tool that gives you the power to boost sales and raise customer service levels to such an extent that they will never look at any competitor again; let them know they count simply by responding quickly and personally to their enquiries, this is the best possible route to take to create long-term relationships that will garner a great reputation for any business, from small start-ups to large corporations!

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