Imagine a tool which assists you to monitor the movement of every email and every online query that comes into your business from the moment it reaches your inbox and that of your sales team, to the moment a response is sent to a potential client, giving you an iron-clad opportunity to turn more leads into sales than ever before!

This type of time saving monitoring tool is now a reality and has emerged as the highly functioning, user friendly tool produced by timetoreply, which is a tool that requires no software installation and works with everything from Outlook, Office 365, MS Exchange Server, IMAP, Gmail and much more.

The innovative timetoreply tool offers the opportunity for you to keep track of the email response times of sales teams, direct lead generation and email marketing strategies based on feedback from the timetoreply dashboard statistics and even allowing franchise holders to keep track of the email response times of their franchisees.

In this fast paced online world with its phenomenal amount of competition, it is essential to keep a firm grip on the inflow and outflow of emails, especially as a sales or marketing business, since email is still the most common form of communication in the 21st century, whether in the form of an email request or an online enquiry that has been sent in to your company.

Timetoreply equips you to measure the not only the amount of time your sales team takes to respond to an email enquiry, but also what the quality of the response is, and will even give you statistics on how specific clients are responded to and how they respond back to your team.  Keeping any potential customer waiting too long in an age of instant gratification where 75% of all research for products and services is done online is a recipe for loss of revenue based on an inability to turn sales leads into actual sales.

Whether you have brought together small sales or marketing teams working together for the success of your business or a large corporate team doing the same, the effectiveness of the timetoreply tool remains the same!  Please visit the timetoreply website to view in-depth information on what this fantastic email tracking tool can do for your business, or dip your toes in by giving the timetoreply free trial a run, it won’t be long before you will have chosen the package which suits your business best!

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