Want to know why email quick email response times are essential? Tons of research, in a nutshell!  The research into the importance of quick email responses in an online business environment is prolific, just type it into Google and you will find various sources that back up this data.

In one study, it was shown that 78% of all sales go to the first company to reply to the email enquiry – definitely food for thought if you have been wondering where many leads that looked promising but never panned out have gotten to!

This same research also showed that by bringing your average reply time to emails down to under five minutes, you can increase contact rates by over 900%!  There isn’t a business in this universe that would scoff at the possibilities of having an online tool like timetoreply to bring them closer to those kinds of numbers, not to mention the increase in conversion rates that are sure to follow these percentages!

Okay, so it’s not always possible to get to it in under five minutes, however, the reality is that every lead that is still hot and live only has a shelf life of anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes, and having a little help to achieve the capture of these leads is the stuff that success is built on.

There is absolutely no doubt! Timetoreply can take you and your sales team along the right path to making every email count, just looking at an example of what the online timetoreply dashboard offers is exciting, especially when you think about the endless possibilities for getting your sales team to join the party and turn conversion rates on their head!

In fact, even if you just have a small sales team, putting up a leader board showing the statistics of who received and answered the most emails, or who was fastest off the bat to respond, could bring about an atmosphere of competition that could easily be turned into a weekly or monthly party to celebrate the growth that will come from the changes timetoreply can inspire!

Timetoreply is the ultimate tool to manage all incoming and outgoing email in small to medium companies, corporates, lead generators, online marketers and franchise owners.  Not only can you measure group and individual mailboxes, but you can also see by the results where any tweaking can be done to increase contact rates and improve customer engagement.

For such an awesome tool, timetoreply is so easy to use that its child’s play, there’s no need for software installation and definitely no hectic contracts that bind you for life! The support you can expect from the team at timetoreply will, without a doubt, be right there if you need a little help to negotiate your way to making timetoreply a total success for your business.

After just a short period of time with timetoreply you will look back at what your sales team and company response times were and what they are now, and you will know for sure that all the research is true and timetoreply has handed you the magic formula to beat the competition hands down!

Check out how timetoreply works and the frequently asked questions, it should be more than enough to make the decision a cinch for you!

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