In order to stay ahead in a world that operates mainly on email and internet driven sales leads and enquiries, a quick reply time can be the difference between gaining a new client or losing one, no matter which way you look at it, if you are too slow on the draw there is nothing you can do to salvage a sale once a potential client has been driven to a competitor due to a slow response time from your sales team.

Timetoreply has made it easy for you to monitor the quality and speed with which your sales team responds to email enquiries, to the extent that you are able to monitor exactly how many emails come in to your team, how many each member of the team receives and how fast each member responds to the potential client.

Without the need to install any software or get locked into long term contracts, timetoreply provides real-time statistics and analytics that allow you to drive your online sales to the highest level, and this nifty tool is also compatible with all email services, it really is just a case of contacting the timetoreply team, selecting your package and getting hooked up with no fuss.

With the metrics on the timetoreply dashboard, which can be filtered according to your requirements, you will have statistics and analytics that will show you exactly how to streamline your approach in order to increase contact rates and boost sales to move you into a leadership position in your industry.

Here’s a bit of research that should make your decision to make the most of timetoreply a no-brainer – 78% of sales go to the first company to reply to an enquiry, the lifespan of an online lead is only 5 minutes and that you have a 900% increase in contact rates when your sales team responds within 5 minutes of the enquiry!

Timetoreply is definitely a weapon that will give the edge to any sales team battling it out in the world of cyberspace, and it will give you all the information you need, as you filter it to suit your needs, to steer your team to success!

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